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A: We are a inter-denominational publishing group based out of a local church. Nathan Alred (writer) is the Associate Pastor/Event Director for GraceRiver Community Church in Decatur, Alabama. He writes, scripts and produces the programing for GraceRiver Community Church and makes many of the resources available for others to use though KiDCITY PUBLISHING.



Q: What denomination is KiDCITY?



A: KiDCITY is a interdenominational publishing group that produces kid's ministry resources that can easily be used in all Christian denominations.


The program is written so ANY version of the Bible translation can easily be used. Content is written with NIV/KJV options included.





Q: Where does the money go
from the sale?

A: We are a non-profit publishing group. Sales go back into producing and writing new programing, and for local Kid's/Youth Ministry outreach projects!

Q: Is KiD CITY programs reproducible?



A: Yes! All programs are 100% reproducible for YOUR LOCAL CHURCH. They cannot be shared, sold, or reproduced for others churches or ministries to use.





Q: Is there a return policy?


A: Since our programs are fully reproducible we do not offer returns (unless damaged, we will send a replacement!). We offer sample downloads of each program and music to give you a good overview of what to expect!






Q: The program looks SuperEasy

A: Because it is! We write a SuperEasy VBS that is fun-filled, Jesus centered, field-tested, and easy to lead with few teachers. Most programs over complicate, and over stress the voulnteers/leaders. We produce a simple, direct, and easy to lead program minus the extensive plannng, training, and costs!


Q: What is the target age group for KiD CITY programs?


A: All programs are written in a rotation based format (Bible Story, Craft, Game, Snack, Worship, and Life-Application) vs. Age graded classrooms and are written for Pre-k through 5th grade to be engaged and immeresed into the story!


Q: Can KiD CITY programs be used for formats other than a 5-day VBS?


A: YES! We have a guide inside the Director's Manual that gives options for 5-day, weekend, 13-Week (Quarter), and other options!

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