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If you know which inflatable you’d like
Let us know which inflatable and the date in which you’d like to rent and we’ll let you know if its
available for that date

If you aren’t sure which inflatable is best for you and your event, Just let us know some information (Age and number of participants, amount you wish to spend, water or dry inflatable, etc.) and we’d be happy to help you make the best decision for you.

After selecting an inflatable/date all we’ll need is:

Delivery Address
Phone Number
Preferred Delivery Time
Preferred Pick Up Time
Event Time
Where do you want us to set up? (Front yard, Back yard, Side yard, Inside Gym, Etc)

Is it fenced in?

It has to be within 75ft of a power outlet

Can we drive a truck and/or trailer to where we’ll be setting up?

Some inflatables can be moved but some cannot. If you believe this may be an issue just let us know and we can plan accordingly if we cannot drive and have to try to move without prior knowledge there may be an additional moving fee up to $75.


We do not charge any type of deposit. We cannot control the weather or sickness so we do not believe you should be charged for something no one can control. We just ask that if you need to cancel please let us know as soon as possible. If one starts to take abuse this policy a deposit may be required.

Ready to rent? Call or text (256) 284-2528

We deliver rentals over $125 for FREE in the Shoals area
up to 20 miles from our warehouse in Killen. 

For distances OVER 20 miles we will deliver for a small fee. You can check your distance from our warehouse by using this address: 4051 Highway 72 Killen, AL 35645