Bounces, slides & concession rentals in killen,al


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Church/School discounts  

Ready to rent? Call or text (256) 284-2528

We deliver rentals over $125 for FREE in the Shoals area

up to 20 miles from our warehouse in Killen. 

For distances OVER 20 miles we will deliver for a small fee. You can check your distance from our warehouse by using this address: 4051 Highway 72 Killen, AL 35645

SnoCone Machine Rental
SnoCone Machine Rental

$50 (doesn't include syrups or cones) Call for Supply Pricing

Popcorn Machine
Popcorn Machine

$50 (doesn't include popcorn or bags) Call for Supply Pricing

Cotton Candy Machine  $49.00
Cotton Candy Machine $49.00

$50 (doesn't include cotton candy floss or cones) Call for Supply Pricing

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